Khurshid Ziyakhanov


Ziyakhanov Khurshid was born in 1958 in Tashkent. In 1987 he graduated from the Tashkent Theater and Art Institute, department of book graphics. Since 1987 he has been working in editorial offices and publishing houses as a graphic artist. Permanent participant in republican, regional and international exhibitions.

The originality and originality of Khurshid Ziyakhanov's talent began to manifest itself in the 90s, when the artist devoted himself entirely to painting. He quickly developed, finding his own highly individual line in the spectrum of the modern. The works of this period, presented at the exhibition, reflect the formation of the artist's handwriting, which took place on the path of a free dialogue between the directions of the 20th century avant-garde with the rich traditions of folk art.

Drawing on such different artistic ideas, Khurshid Ziyakhanov found an interesting interpretation of the plasticity of surrealism, cubism for expressing poetic metaphors of the East, historical and mythological subjects. In the canvases of recent years, dedicated to musicians, folklore images, wars, dervishes through bright, bold colors, exquisite harmony of forms and avant-garde deformation of plastics, it is as if the centuries-old traditions of the East come to life, which this modern master is talentedly developing.

1989 Exhibition “Young Artists of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Tashkent.
1999 - personal exhibition at the gallery of modern art. Duisburg. Holland.
1999 - Exhibition of Uzbek artists in the gallery of modern art. Dusseldorf. Germany.
2000 - personal exhibition at the gallery of modern art. Hyblum. Holland.
2000 - personal exhibition at the gallery of modern art. Fenlo. Holland.
2001 - Exhibition of Uzbek artists in the gallery of modern art. Paris. France.
2001 - First Tashkent Biennale. Uzbekistan.
2001 - Exhibition of Art of Uzbekistan. "Garden of Oriental Poetry". Central House of Artists. Moscow. Russia.
2003 - Second Tashkent Biennale. Uzbekistan.
The artist's works were purchased by private collectors and galleries in France, Germany, USA, Turkey, Morocco, Russia, Uzbekistan.
2004 - Fund "Forum" in Moscow
2003-2004 - Personal exhibition at the Intercontinental Hotel
2004 Fund "Forum" Tashkent (prize-winner)
2005 Third Biennale in Tashkent
2005 Exhibition of Uzbek artists in Korea
2005 Decade of Uzbekistan in China
2005 China Biennale
2006 Exhibition of participants "SHOST" (Diploma). Tashkent.