Amazing Wizard from the Land of OZ


Welcome to us, to the Wonderful land of O`z, where "miracles" are obtained as miracles!

Bonum Factum Gallery presents a presentation of the multimedia performance "The Amazing Wizard of Oz" by Lyme Frank Baum.

We are artists, like naughty children, we are looking for something uselessly, we do not calm down, we do not harmonize. Although, as a result of these very senseless searches, we came across a bold statement that the presence of only three "artifacts" in a person changes life, just by harmonizing perception. And a hope arose in us for the possibility of ending our marginal existence, and complete conceptual merging with the good that our country lives now.

"Artifacts" - Brain, Heart and Courage.

Our “recipe” is plastic, music, painting, sculpture and video.

And now, in the other direction. Fear of something from above, it is warm like cotton wool. You can stay. You can be able. Specific quantitative definitions often strain quality - by changing its quality. Relaxing, perhaps you liberate, perhaps you sleep. With concrete not concrete, touching immersion. Perhaps this is not at all clear, but by practicing, or making possible the possibilities of a possible answer, albeit temporary, like a stepping stone.

Let's hit the road? ...

Gallery "Bonum Factum"

Swiss Cooperation Office of the Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan.

Director: Maxim Fadeev
Choreographer: Maria Akhrarova
Musical composition: Sukhrob Nazimov, Sanzhar Nafikov
Artists: Yokub Beknazarov, Gayrat Ibragimo
, Nosyrkhodzha Fatkhullaev
Computer graphics: Abror Sultanov