VIII Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art - 2018

On October 10-14, 2018, the VIII Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art will be held in Tashkent and Bukhara. The organizer of the event is the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, the main sponsor is Uzsharobsanoat Holding JSC. The main theme of the Biennale is “Art and Technology. Pros and Cons ”- about the place of the artist in the modern global and technocratic world as a unique creative unit with its own artistic product. It is symbolic that the VIII Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art with the main theme “Art and Technology. Pros and Cons ”will be held in 2018, declared in Uzbekistan as the“ Year of Support for Active Entrepreneurship, Innovative Ideas and Technologies ”.

The purpose of the international forum is to raise the prestige of Uzbekistan in the international art arena, promote interaction and exchange of artistic experience among artists and curators of many countries of the world in the field of contemporary art, raise the cultural and intellectual level of society, youth, as well as strengthen cultural ties between peoples. Participants include contemporary artists and curators from around the world.

More than 160 participants from 27 countries of Europe, Russia, the USA and Latin America, Southeast and Central Asia will present their creative works and projects in the exhibition halls and museums of Tashkent and Bukhara: video art, installations, photo art, conceptual painting, sculpture, graphics and more ...

Within the framework of the Biennale, Bonum Factum Gallery will present: “Art and Technology. Pros and cons". S-Id. 41 * 69

Organizer: Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Bonum Factum gallery

Partners: Swiss Cooperation Office of the Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan and European Cultural Center Russia

October 10-14, 2018

The Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and the Bonum Factum gallery, in partnership with the Swiss Cooperation Bureau of the Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan and the European Cultural Center Russia, will present 9 unique projects of famous artists such as in the framework of the VIII Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art - 2018:

In the Bonum Factum gallery:

Maurice Benayoun (MoBen, France) - artist, theorist and curator, is an innovative and prominent figure in the field of New Media of Art. MoBen's works freely explore the boundaries of media art; from virtual reality to large-scale projects of public art installations, in a socio-political context. Many of Maurice Benayun's projects have been awarded world-renowned awards (Golden Nitsa Ars Electronica 1998) and exhibited in international museums (2 solo shows at the Center Pompidou in Paris, biennials and festivals in 26 different countries. One of MoBen's main works of art is the Tunnel under the Atlantic ( BP, 1995), World Skin, Photo Safari in the Land of War (BP, 1997), Mechanics of Emotions (2005-2014), and Cosmopolis (BP, 2005) Benayoun runs the CITU Laboratory (Creation Interactive Transdisciplinaire Universitaire) at the Sorbonne and the University of Saint -Denis, is the Founder and Director of the Paris Laboratory for Humanitarian Interaction by Scientific Interest, and leads the research program at the School of New Media at the City University of Hong Kong.

Benayoun in Tashkent will present 2 projects: ABSTRACT IMAGES. Initiated in 2016 by the artists Maurice Benayoun and Tobiaslm Klein, The Brain Factory is a multi-layered project that includes interactive installations, outlined abstractions becoming physical sculptures, evaluative forms becoming symbolized meanings.

4 Emotions 8 Winds. Soundtrack by Jean-Baptiste Barrier.

The 4 emotions of the world move and spread across the planet according to the 8 winds, creating random arabesques on the world map, creating wriggling natural movements similar to Chinese calligraphy brushstrokes and ink drawings. By automatically analyzing Internet data representing the emotions of the world's 3,200 largest cities, this work perceives the Internet as the de facto “global nervous system,” or the messenger of the planet's emotional sensitivity.

Nikita Shokhov (Russia) will present the Scan project.

This series builds on the relationship between digital photography, physics, carnival traditions and documentaries. The scanner captures 40 seconds of hectic reality in one shot. The last frame may resemble one of the "distorted mirrors". It's interesting how smartphone apps mimic the effect of scanning the slits of distorting mirrors at a carnival of cultures. The created images can resemble paint strokes over a regular photo or collage. The compression effect of the scanner displays the physics of time and space.

Beat Kuert (Switzerland). Beat Kuert is a filmmaker, multimedia artist and author who is considered by many critics such as journalist Ernst Buchmüller and filmmaker Johannes Bösiger as one of the most daring explorers of his generation.

In the National Art Gallery:

Joaquin Gomez (Argentina) - Nine years as a composer and sound engineer for television, film, animation, video games, trailers, location filming, installations, virtual reality and music at the international level (USA, Canada, Latin America, Nigeria, India, Italy, London).

In Tashkent, the author will present the project "Mountains, travel through time and space"

Modern technology allows us to forever capture a moment, a message to someone, someone's history. For example, folk songs that have been passed down by word of mouth for generations can now be recorded and sent around the world, spreading their ideas across different cultures and generations.

The essence of the project consists in live mixing and audio recording in the mountains, when changeable weather - wind, snow or rain - can be preserved on the recording, create a special texture that can only be obtained in the wild.

Tatiana Fadeeva (Uzbekistan) will present the polyptych "Giving the Color of Eternity"

Giving the color of eternity

I'm like the moon

I dissolve into infinity

I live in suzanne


KANJO TAKE (Germany) will present projects:

Beyond Shoji (single projection on three walls)

The video evokes different associations, requires thoughtfulness and imagination. It begins with shots of a traditional Japanese room with sliding doors (shoji). The sound creates an atmosphere of a ghostly dream. Further scenes are intended not to reflect reality, but to convey a vision on the border between sleep and nightmare, to tell about the fears of the pretentiousness of a possible future world. In one of the episodes, we see, by analogy with the construction of the Tower of Babel, the construction of the tallest building in the world today (the 828-meter Burj Khalifa in Dubai) and a whole chain of peaks made of glass and stone piercing the cloudy sky, as if huge palisade.

"Fukushima" / "FUKUSHIMA" is dedicated to the nuclear power plant in Japan (projection onto one wall).

Inmo Hwang (Korea) will present the White Records project.

White brings sunlight, indoor and outdoor lighting, reflections, and more to photography. Therefore, the author considers white to be the limit of beauty.


Sim Hyan (Korea) will present the "Star" project.

In Star Series, Sim Hyan features many similar figures, connected loosely and non-standardly. These figures are representative and abstract at the same time, they represent the unique creativity of Sim Hyan with the manifestation of innocent harmony and purity, thereby showing creative self-expression by revealing the combination of beauty of form. Also, using a material such as thread adds freshness and creativity.

KIM WAN (Korea) will present the project "Edge - Melancholy"

The edge depicts light and color in a completely new perspective - the combination of faces in light and in darkness, depicted by two faces with a pronounced border between them, expands the traditional two-dimensional canvas into three-dimensional space. The boundaries of light and color are practically non-existent in the Edge; eliminating the differences between color and space, thereby raising the question of the meaning of true existence. We can touch the "limitless" line of light and color, where the line between reality and imagination disappears.

Igor Josifov (Macedonia) will present two projects: “Cleansing | Breaking Glass ”is an installation tied to a place that shows the fragility of things. It is designed to help us understand what is real and what is not.

The shattering of glass sculptures conveys the fear that any creator faces, and at the same time shows the power of technology and how it can affect us.

“Fire inside” is a performance with fire.

Hanho (Korea) - will present the Shadow of Light (Light and Shadow) project

If there is light, there is shadow. The shadow represents the existence of light and exists simultaneously as the harmony of yin and yang. To communicate with the light, we must communicate with the shadow, and in the shadow we make different fantasies. Light and shadow is the concept of a painting that light paints and it tells a story through the shadow that comes out of the light. And the viewer talks to the light through the shadow.

Antonio Mora (Spain) will present a series called Dream Portraits (which can be translated as "Mystical Portraits") - a striking combination of monochrome images that form a kind of new dimension in which the merging of different lines and shapes is no longer so obvious.

Gustavo Sagorsky (Israel) - will present the video project Friends