Quite recently, looking through the Reshetov archive, we were attracted by the photographic material from 1927 from Kokand, consisting of a collective shooting "Blue Blouse". It was clear that the theater group from Leningrad was represented by the leader, which was A. Mlatov ... In two photographs, constructive performances were recorded: "5 minutes" by Gurevich and "Aurora at the Winter", the actors were also signed: Konoplev, Sobchak, Mlatova, Vasina, Shishko, Besedin, Krasovsky and others. It was very interesting who they were and what role they played in the development of new art in the 1920s. Of course, few people in Tashkent knew about them, and only by entering the Internet could one find detailed information.

The Blue Blouse originated from a “living newspaper” organized in 1923 at the initiative of several students of the Moscow Institute of Journalism. "Live Newspapers" presented to the audience in an extremely laconic theatrical form the political news of the day, peculiarly processed facts from newspaper information, miniature feuilleton scenes. The initiator and soul of the new theatrical direction was the famous journalist, talented organizer and enthusiast Boris Yuzhanin (Gurevich). The repertoire for "Blue Blouse" was created by many prominent writers, composers, actors, directors and artists. Among them are Vladimir Mayakovsky, Sergei Yutkevich, Vasily Lebedev-Kumach, young writers, poets, playwrights A.M. Argo, V.E. Ardov, V.M. Gusev, V.Ya. Tipot, Semyon Kirsanov, Nikolai Aduev, founder theater studio Foregger's Workshop (Mastfor) on the Arbat Nikolai Foregger, pop artist Alexander Shurov, film director Alexander Row, USSR Minister of Social Security of the 1960s N.A. Muravyova, future composer Y. Milyutin, M. Krassev composers Konstantin Listov (was the musical director of one of the Blue Blouse sections), M. I. Blanter, S. A. Katz (author of the anthem music), D. Ya. Pokrass, poet Sasha Krasny (real name Alexander Bryanskiy), actors Emmanuel Geller, Georgy Tusuzov, Elena Yunger, Boris Tenin, Vladimir Zeldin, Mikhail Garkavi, Lev Mirov, Evsey Darsky, Alexander Beniaminov, L. M. Koreneva, B. A. Shakhet, the author of film studies books A. V. Macheret, the artist B. R. Erdman and many others who have now become legendary figures of Soviet culture, and then just beginning their path in art.

One of the ideologists of the Blue Blouse was Osip Maksimovich Brik.

The exhibition presents photographs of the famous theater group "Blue Blouse", which toured in Turkestan, namely in Kokand in 1926-1929. Works by photographer Max Penson and reproductions of drawings by artist N.S. Turkestan, who were companions of the new movement in art and innovators in Turkestan.

The project is presented by the gallery "Art and Fact"

Creative group: Sh.Karimbabayeva, A. Reshetov, V. Katysheva-Grishina, U. Isroilov.