Gallery "Bonum Factum"

General partner :

Swiss Cooperation Office of the Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan

Wondernet Express company

Supported by:

UzCarlsberg Company



Informational partner:

The Magazine




Eldos Fazylbekov, Edie Yagly, Valeria Bataeva, Avaz Abduraimov, Rustam Zakhidov, Sardor Erkinov, Rushana Alimova, Nigina Khalmukhamedova, Isamiddin Eshankulov, Zilola Kakhramonova, Mokhira Mullajanova, Lakhiddin Riskana


Opening in urban space

from June 21 to July 21

● advertising structures (billboards, metro track walls, LED screens, buses to Samarkand)

from June 25 to July 21

● exposition of the exhibition in the Bonum Factum gallery

● expositions in the establishments of the chain of coffee houses "B&B"

● exposition of the exhibition in ChaiKof on Sh. Rustaveli

from July 10 to August 16 - the exposition of the exhibition on the territory of the UzCarlsberg plant.

Attention! Visiting the exhibition on the territory of the UzCarlsberg plant is possible only for persons over 20 years old.

Project site:


Location addresses:

● Billboards

Yashnabad district, MKAD, op. Fargon Yuli Bridge

Mirabad district, TSUM (final bus stop)

Mirzo-Ulugbek district, op. near the guest. Le Grand Plaza

● LED screens

Tarrakiyet street - Sadik Azimov street, near Black Star Burger

A. Navoi metro station

● City formats

Sadik Azimov st., opposite the “Ecorn” cafe

st. T. Shevchenko, op. Museum of Geology

st. Buyuk Ipak Yuli, op. near Macro Market

st.Matbuotchilar, op. University of Law

Sadik Azimov st., op. cafe "Studio"

ave. Navoi, op. "Avtotest"

● Metro

Track walls of the Chilanzar line of the Tashkent metro

Stations: "Buyuk Ipak Yuli", "Pushkin", "Amir Temur", "Khalklar Dustligi", "Milliy Bog", "Novza", "Mirzo Ulugbek", "Chilanzar", "Olmazar"). LED screen at the Tashkent metro station "Alisher Navoi."

Bus routes (Samarkand):

44, 85, 122

● Establishments

B&B coffee shop


st. Chekhov, 25

st. Shota Rustaveli, 30A

st. Buyuk Ipak Yuli, 2

Coffee house TeaCof


st. Shota Rustaveli, 22

● Bonum Factum Gallery

st. Sadyk Azimov, building 20, 3 blind alley

● UzCarlsberg plant

Tashkent, st. Temirchi, 1.

On June 21, 2021, Bonum Factum gallery, with the support of the Swiss Cooperation Bureau of the Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan and the company "Wondernet Express", opens an interactive billboard pop art exhibition in the space of the city "Urban-2021" within the framework of the project "Self-identification. 41 * 69 ". This exhibition can be seen in city and www.pop-art.uz formats.

The exhibition in the city will last exactly one month until July 21, 2021, but it will work online all the time.

The city is one of the key themes of painting, which nourished it for many centuries, giving it a lot of ideas: from formal finds to the social and ethical meaning of art. However, recently, or rather several decades as, the architecture of the city is hardly considered a fascinating subject for the artist's work. Rather, the hero of the picture was the "products" of urban reality: the urban atmosphere, environments, feelings. The specific buildings and ensembles that identify the city are rarely reflected in contemporary art. Street art is, first of all, a communication tool. The work "talks" with the viewer, calling him to reason on a topical social topic.

Urban is a collection of urban subcultures, or more precisely, street subcultures. First of all, this is of course hip-hop: rap, graffiti, DJing and breakdancing. But also parkour, turnstiles, workout, crumpers, skaters, and a variety of tricks, even street racing hated by civilians, and many other subcultures.

The concept of "street art" is energetically applied in many contemporary studies of the city and society. However, researchers still have not come to an understanding of what constitutes art and what kind of art is street art.

The city of Tashkent, as a living organism, has its own rhythm, life cycles, time of activity and rest. He has breath, energy, self-awareness, identity, appearance, manners, ways of celebrating or commemorating certain events and responding to emergencies, and the main thing is the connection with nature. The Pop Art project continues and its new theme is Urban (urbanization) and how it influenced the development of art in Uzbekistan. Young artists will demonstrate their attitude to the urbanization process, as well as touch upon social issues of concern in their works.

The exhibition site will be: Bonum Factum gallery, Tashkent city, buses (Samarkand), city metro, UzCarlsberg plant space, as well as B&B and ChaiKof coffee shops.

Project participants about their work:

Valeria Bataeva “Today our city is undergoing a radical restructuring. Buildings of the early 20th century, which are of the cultural value of our people and have been the subject of interest of foreign tourists for many decades, are being demolished. The Star of the East "in the pursuit of profit loses its historicity, its appearance and uniqueness, putting on commercially attractive buildings that are completely alien to the people."

Mukhiddin Riskiev: “The series“ Space modernism ”is 7 posters in which some iconic buildings in the style of architectural modernism of the city of Tashkent are turned into spaceships and at the same time toys that can float freely in space. The words at the bottom of the poster, after reading, return to the image to rethink each structure. "

Mohira Mullyadzhanova: “In my work, I wanted to share my love for the architecture of Tashkent, in particular, we are talking about house number 22 at the intersection of Pushkin and Hamid Alimdzhan streets. With my work, I want to perpetuate the memory of house number 22, where three generations of our family (including myself) have lived ”.

Participants of the project will be not only artists, but also spectators, the gallery is holding a quest, the winners of which will be presented with an exclusive merch.

More information about the quest can be found on our instagram page and on the project website itself www.pop-art.uz https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=mcrv66sy0gi2&utm_content=1tjhf8w)