Looking into the Void. Isomiddin Eshonkulov



Gallery "Bonum Factum"

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22, at 18:00, the Bonum Factum Gallery will host the opening of the personal exhibition of the artist Isomiddin Eshonkulov “Looking into the Void.”

Following the approach of surrealist artists, the artist uses controversial and sometimes absurd images. To talk about the inner world of man, his past and future, about his place in the universe. “Complex combinations of forms and phantasmagoric plots in my works are not meaningless: details and symbols help me express my own philosophical assessment and tell what I understand about a person.”

The author describes his work:

As "the inner landscape of man." He is interested in irrational symbols and essence, which are the other side of materialism.

Colors are the key to unraveling the inner "landscape" of people. And the wider you open the door to this riddle, the clearer the truth about man and his place becomes.

“In my paintings, I seek answers to many questions: what place does a person occupy in the world, where does he come from and where does he go, what is his divine task, who is he, who am I, who are we all. It inspires me a lot, people inspire me - absolutely everything. And in a sense, my paintings are answers to these questions that deeply touch me. Maybe that's why I love the process of creation, and not my paintings. I have no favorite paintings, no unloved ones, these are just my works. As an artist, I am determined to grow, develop and someday create a painting that will leave a mark on history.”

About the author.

Art education:

2011 – 2014 College named after P. Benkov

2014-2018 National Institute of Arts and Design named after Kamoliddin Behzod.

In 2021, he took part in the Bonum Factum POP ART_Urban 2021 gallery project with the support of the Swiss Cooperation Office of the Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan.

The exhibition will run until February 11, 2022.