"Contrasts of feelings" Personal exhibition of Rushana Alimova


Gallery "Bonum Factum"


"Wondernet Express"

On July 30, 2021 at 18:30, the Bonum Factum gallery will host the opening of Rushana Alimova's personal exhibition “Contrasts of Feelings”.

Color contrast is the juxtaposition of two or more colors in such a way that they can be effectively compared and shown differences. Its essence can be seen in the fact that opposite in some parameters colors and color spots together cause qualitatively new sensations and feelings, rather than each of them separately.

The contrast of sensations is an increase in sensitivity to some properties under the influence of other, opposite properties of reality. ... So, sounds can cause color sensations, color - taste (yellow color - a sour sensation). This phenomenon is called synesthesia.

In her exhibition "Contrasts of Feelings", the artist Rushana Alimova raises the theme of the manifestation of feelings and emotions, how she feels these emotions. And invites the viewer to plunge into the world of her colorful emotions.

Rushana Alimova:

“I would like to share my feelings and emotions with the world that inspires me. I wanted to draw a parallel between the world and people, the way I see certain moments and situations. "

Emotions and feelings are an integral part of the whole world, in an emotional outburst you can do a lot: offend, confess, feel deeply, etc.

Rushana Alimova's exhibition "Contrasts of Feelings" will touch every feeling that exists in the world, impress with its color and lyricism of each work.

about the author

Rushana Alimova was born in Tashkent in 1999. Studied painting at the Republican Art College named after Benkov. She is currently a student at the Kamoliddin Bekhzod National Institute of Arts and Design.

Projects and exhibitions:

Festival of Fine and Applied Arts 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

"Chegara bilmas ijod", 2017

"Comedy va theater", 2018

"Yoshlar innovation Koyalari", 2019

“Mehr albga davo”, 2019

Personal exhibition "Two capitals", 2019

Project Identification of Central Asian Countries: Art Battle, 2019

Group exhibition of young artists "Beginning", 2021

Project "Pop-Art. Urban - 2021", 2021

The exhibition will run until August 27, 2021.