ART WEEK Kokand 2022 presents «ИОNET» regional project.


"Bonum Factum" Gallery

Khudayarkhan Museum of Local Lore

Strategic Partner:

Swiss Cooperation Office of the Swiss Embassy in Uzbekistan

Supported by:

Hokimiyat of the city of Kokand

Kokand State Museum-Reserve

Kokand City Music and Drama Theater

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Omnibus Ensemble, Uzbekistan

State Musical Drama Theater named after T. Fazylova, Kanibadam city, Tajikistan

UstatShakirt Traditional Music Center, Kyrgyzstan

Umtul Theatre, Kyrgyzstan

Dilnavoz Ensemble of the Hunar Tajik Music Center, Tajikistan

"Kinolectoriy" Eljon Abbasov


Vyacheslav-Yura Useinov

Isomiddin Eshankulov

Zilola Kahramanova

Rushana Alimova

Sardor Erkinov

“ART WEEK. KOKAND- 2022" presents from May 23 to May 26, 2022, the regional project "ИONET" in Kokand.

“ИONET” is a symbiosis of arts that serves as a guide to the sensory world of contemporary art in Central Asia, arousing interest in the cultural and ideological exchanges of the region.

An ion is a movement that is a chemically active particle that reacts with atoms, molecules, and with each other. Net is a connecting network for the exchange of information.

Following the example of this property, the ”ИONET" project was created, the reaction and connection, which is the culture of different regions, it mixes, connects, and then transforms into a single electronic alloy of crystals.

On the territory of Central Asia, there are historically formed centers that connect cities and countries through culture and traditions through music, dance, poetry, and visual art. They are sensors for a person who, with the help of the senses, is immersed in the world of modern art and its realities.

Dilnavoz Ensemble of the Hunar Tajik Music Center from Khujand, Tajikistan will present various compositions of modern music in addition to traditional music. The performers of the Ensemble are professional musicians and singers who have received an educational program at the Hunar Center School.

The performance of the Ensemble is supported by the Aga Khan Music Program and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

State Musical Drama Theater, named after T. Fazylova, the city of Kanibadam, Tajikistan, will present two performances for children and adults: A fairy tale "KALDAMPOCHA," the plot of which twists between a person and his organs: the Head (Kal), the Belly (Dam), the Legs (Popo) and the Hands (Chacha), who do not want to do their job and change responsibilities between each other. And also based on Sadriddin Aini's novel "The Death of a Pawnbroker": The performance "Kori-ishkamba" is the image of a miser, a disgusting money-grubber and exploiter, a hypocrite, whose name has become a symbol. The Bolsheviks seized power and took away all the banks with all the money — paper, gold, silver, and all securities! Bukhara pawnbroker Kori-ishkamba will have to face the Bolshevik and the Revolution.

Omnibus Ensemble from Tashkent, Uzbekistan will present an educational program with the leading virtuoso musician of the Ensemble Ravshan Tukhtamishev. The master class program consists of 10 pieces for chang solo on folk instruments at the music school. As part of the master class, Ravshan Tukhtamishev will present his music collections to the school library and performing students on chang. After the master class, the performance of the Ensemble “Omnibus” - the music of mysticism “Shahi Zinda" will take place.

Aga Khan Music Awards and Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan support the project.

The Omnibus Ensemble won the Aga Khan Music Awards in the Field of Education in 2019.

At the UstatShakirt Ensemble from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan performance, the listener will plunge into the boundless ocean of epic heritage and hear the vocal lyrics of nomadic culture. UstatShakirt integrates tradition and contemporary art. The name for Ensemble and the Educational Center was not chosen by chance: "ustod va shogird" marks an ancient oral method of knowledge transfer and fully corresponds to the organization's mission.

UMTUL Theater at the USTATSHAKIRT Center will present the dastan-musical "AKSATKYN & MYRZA UUL": ... The story is set up in a jailoo (mountain pasture), where a noble family has chosen to build their camp of snow-white yurts. A guest enters the camp on the back of his horse, and the beautiful Aksatkyn accidentally (or not coincidentally) sees him and takes the reins of his horse to help him dismount. It seems that, along with the reins, she also took the heart of Myrza, the stately zhigit (young man) who is now captivated by her beauty... Will the young people manage to be together when none of them is free to take decisions? Her family has already had plans for her wedding. He is also engaged. But as the dastan's lyrics say, there are no barriers to love when "a spark stirs up love" (otton suyuu zharalat). Meanwhile, the harsh laws of society dictate their terms. There is no right to choose, and retribution is inevitable...

The performance of the UMTUL Ensemble and Theater from Kyrgyzstan was supported by the Swiss Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Aga Khan Music Program and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

An exhibition of artists will be organized in the building of the Museum of Local Lore: Vyacheslav-Yura Useinov, Zilola Kakhramonova, Sardor Erkinov, Rushana Alimova and Isomiddin Eshonkulov. In the works of the artists, a colorful connection and visual will be traced, a complete picture of the world in color ionic compounds will be revealed.

"ИONET“ is a unique regional project that combines the crystal culture of the regions of Central Asia and transforms it into a "Diamond."

"The mind, as it were, penetrates itself, starting from the surface, penetrates deeper and deeper, until depth and height lose their meaning. In this state, a new world manifests itself, which is order, beauty, and intensity."

Jiddu Krishnamurti.

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