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Ildar Sadykov, Viktor An, Vyacheslav-Yura Useinov, Sanjar Jabbarov, Diyor Razikov, Isomiddin Eshonkulov, Mohira Mullyadzhanova, Bobur Mukhammedov, Nuriddin Rasulov, Rustam Zakhidov. Music by Sukhrob Nazimov.

On June 15, 2022 at 19:00 at the Bonum Factum gallery, an exhibition of artists' exhibition - "Argo" will be opened for visitors.

Man is constantly in search of the formula of life, transformation and perfection. He solves, mixes, searches and develops new systems and equations. An element is the fundamental principle, a particle that makes up our world.

In the project, we partially present the "Synthesis of Humanity" that has already been done by man during the period of his existence. A mixture of generations: the century of the "Industrial and mechanical" of the XX century and the "Digital and nanotechnological" of the XXI century.

Argonauts - navigator on the ship "Argo".

According to the plot of the legend, the ship was built with the help of Athena, who inserted a piece of sacred ancient oak into its hull, conveying the will of the gods with the rustle of leaves.

The main idea of ​​the exhibition was the mythology of the Argonauts, who went through a lot in order to return to their roots. The Golden Fleece is a kind of thread returning to their native Greece. For many years, the Argonauts traveled, passed tests. Their path can be compared with the extraction of argon, which took scientists almost 10 years.

Argon (from lat. Argon) is a chemical element. It is an inert gas element.

The connection between the legend and science is that the entire periodic table is somehow embodied in myths, and in the modern world, it is used to create technologies that chip the human mind. The exhibition with such a mythological and scientific connection will present works of different artists, styles, trends, and the viewer will be able to feel how succinctly they combine with each other: