Samad Gorbanzade (Iran)

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The works of Samad Gorbanzade reflect the inner side of the photographer and take us into a mysterious and gloomy atmosphere, where we are left alone with our foreboding and thoughts. Many of Samad's photographs depict a teenager for whom time has stood still and is now involved in a world of desires, fantasies, feelings and horror. The photographer places his hero in unfamiliar places and reflects the destruction and disappearance of a lost and forgotten world, which is only a wasteland and nothing more.

The author tells about the state of his soul, reflects on time space. “… People start writing the saddest songs when they are on the border of time, between heaven and earth, yesterday and today, with a cold smile on their face and a question in their head. Looking back at the events that happened in the past, we fearfully await the events that will happen in the future. " Does Samad Gorbanzade suffer from sleepwalking? Or is it just his daytime wanderings that came from turbulent dreams that do not allow them to leave? His works represent his soul, which takes us to a mysterious and incomprehensible mind, and they leave us there, with oppressive fears. The main personality in many of his photographs is a teenager, for whom time has stopped, he has not become an adult, and this is associated with a load of desires, imagination, feeling and cruelty.

Simple photographs with small details, simple lines, without twisting and connecting them with visual games, his mysterious mind literally makes the viewer accept and understand them. Photos do not belong to one period of time, neither the past nor the future, but at the same time they look like the remains of what humanity destroys - their memories, and they, in turn, easily return the past to people, and impose the transience of human values, and then outside of time and place, they make you fall into the trap of fear, which is the punishment for shameless sin, and is to you what it is to most - the fear of falling into the dark ravines of time. The masterful presentation of his works, which the public perceives so close to reality, being confident that they are examples, makes them (the public) come closer to the subjective and material reality, which is like a pendulum of time between sleep and real shocks.