BONUM FACTUM is a new platform for contemporary art in Tashkent to create a mobile, open, presentation and discussion space that deals with issues of contemporary art, education, disclosure of creative potential, marketing of the city's territory.


The trend of using old industrial space, barracks and warehouses, began in the 70s. in London and New York / for example Soho /, where artists found a cheap and huge space for their activities.
In the 1980s, there was a lot of controversy in England over the future of these vast industrial zones, inherited from the industrial revolution in the 19th century. As a result, many of these complexes were classified as "national industrial heritage" and were protected from destruction.
At the same time, programs were launched to restore the "industrial heritage". Over the next years, huge EU funds have been spent on turning abandoned factories and warehouses into centers of culture and creativity.
Over the years, this approach to industrial buildings has become more popular, and the nature of such initiatives has become commercial. These places have completely changed their appearance. For example, many of them have turned into shopping centers, fashionable restaurants and entertainment complexes.
The BF space is a former bomb shelter in an orthopedic hospital, which has now received a new look, located in the center of Tashkent city on the street. S. Azimova 20, dead end 3.



  • Digital photobank

  • Exhibition Hall of Contemporary Art

  • A site for festivals, concerts, theatrical performances.

  • Art residence in Bukhara and, Tashkent

  • Art Factory

  • Information magazine


  • Educational programs in contemporary art, master classes on topics of contemporary photography, painting, contemporary cinema, design, music, telling about a unique and progressive experience with the participation of lecturers and curators from Uzbekistan and around the world


• Creation of a new cultural institution in Tashkent, more open and accessible in form and principles of work, taking into account the cultural interests of a modern person, capable of offering the megalopolis a new quality of cultural leisure and a factory of ideas to improve life in the city.
• Promotion of the image of Tashkent as a modern popular territory operating in an international context.


Famous art critics, collectors, painters, designers, photographers and historians collaborate with the gallery.


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Tashkent, Uzbekistan
100047, S. Azimova, 20 A,
dead end -3

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