Identification of Central Asian countries


Tashkent, Gallery "Bonum Factum"

Tashkent, NBU Fine Art Gallery


November 26-30, 2019

Invited experts:

Germany, Georgia, Belarus, Israel, USA, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.


The aim of the project "Identification of Central Asian countries" is to create a platform that will help participants uncover existing relationships in the art communities of Central Asian countries, as well as provide an opportunity to improve interaction between them through discussions, exchange of experience and new collaborations.

Target group:

Independent cultural workers, employees of state and non-governmental organizations from various fields (curators, employees of cultural centers, organizers of festivals, gallery owners, musicians, theater and film workers).

  • Identification of current trends in contemporary art of Central Asian countries and their impact on the perception of identity.

  • Stimulating young artists and curators to collaborate with colleagues from other countries in the region.

  • Strengthening links between institutions and contemporary art communities in the region

The tasks
  • To bring together conceptual artists and curators of Central Asia, capable of critical reflection on traditional cultural heritage;

  • Conduct a series of interdisciplinary meetings for representatives of contemporary art and the creative sector on the promotion of cultural projects and communication with the media;

  • To reveal historical and semantic connections in the contemporary art of Central Asian countries;

  • Identify ways of creating identity and cultural ties in Central Asian countries.

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Project Manager:

Shahnoza Karimbabaeva



Sayyora Nazarova. Art critic. Chief Specialist of the Gallery of Fine Arts of the NBU

e-mail:, +99897 454-98-94


Donyer Makhmudzhonov. Gallery Manager Bonum Factum

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