Bukhara is the embodiment of the antiquity of modern Uzbekistan. In this city there are many architectural monuments, buildings and houses that have come down to us through the centuries almost in their original form. In one of these houses, located in a residential area of ​​the old city, popularly called the "Jewish mahalla", there is a unique space that, with its architecture and atmosphere, creates the ideal conditions for the "BF Art Residence". Art Residence Bukhara is a platform for assisting in the development and implementation of artistic (intellectual and material) ideas and works that meet the idea and objectives of the project. Art Residence Bukhara will be a place that provides artists and other creative endeavors there with opportunities such as time, space and resources for exploration, experimentation and professional growth.

Objective of the project.

"Art Residence Bukhara" is implemented by the Bonum Factum gallery with the support of the Swiss Cooperation Office of the Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan, the purpose of which is to create a new communicative environment and the sphere of cultural leisure, cultural integration and cultural exchange with the regions of Central Asia and beyond in research, creation and dissemination cultural products. When we talk about culture, we mean not only different forms of art, but also ecological thinking and enlightenment of society, therefore the residence is conceived as a platform for the development of a variety of creative practices.

Tasks: Based on the set goal of the project, the following tasks are distinguished:

  • Creation of opportunities and conditions for creative self-expression, self-realization and promotion of contemporary art;

  • Formation of space for innovation;

  • Increasing the attraction of resources;

  • Creation of a training system through seminars, laboratories, workshops and educational sites of various formats to improve the qualifications of cultural workers from all over the country, as well as exchange experience with foreign experts in the field of art;

  • Consolidation of creative potential (personnel and resources) from all over Uzbekistan, open to innovations, innovations, experiments and with motivation for international interaction and cooperation;

  • Improving cultural entertainment by providing a wide variety of cultural products and works to the general public;

  • Attracting a larger audience to contemporary art through active interaction with the audience, the public.


  • art

  • Music

  • Theater

  • Photo and video

  • Architecture and design

  • New media

Art Residence provides:

  • Accommodation and place to work in the city of Bukhara;

  • Nutrition;

  • Accompaniment - the program coordinator, the manager will provide consulting and organizational support;

  • Participation in additional events - organization of online broadcasts, creative meetings, master classes, interviews and publications on the Internet and the media

  • Online resources for project presentation (for the quarantine period)

  • Certificate of participation in the project, as well as inclusion in the network of the gallery

The program does not include fares, travel expenses, or cellular charges.

What is expected from residents:

  • Conducting lectures, master classes and other events (in quarantine conditions - online);

  • As a result of the residence - presentation of ideas and art product in any convenient format;

  • Submission of one original work to the Bonum Factum gallery fund.

Conditions for participation and cooperation.


The selection of residents is carried out on the basis of applications. As a result, the authors of the most interesting proposals selected using Open-call will be invited to the Residence. When choosing projects for the residence, attention will be paid to the following:
In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

  • Age from 21 to 45 years old;

  • Participant's portfolio and resume;

  • P redlozhennaya idea and feasibility of the project;

  • Preference is given to projects that involve interaction with the local context and community, as well as women's initiatives;

  • By reativnost and relevance of the project.

There is also the possibility of participating in the residence for a fee. The costs will be negotiated individually.

To apply for participation, you must provide the following package of documents:

fill out the application form

provide resume (PDF format)

portfolio of works for the last 2-3 years

a description of the project that the applicant plans to implement during his stay at the residence (costs for implementation must also be indicated)

The duration of participation and the program are agreed individually for each resident, depending on the scale and concept of projects.

Application deadline will be announced in 2021

The above files must be sent to the email address with a note in the title of the letter “Art-Residence Bukhara” before the specified time. Applications with an incomplete package and later than the deadline will not be considered. Recommendations are welcome. Participants on a paid basis can write to the email address below and agree on the terms individually.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

“Thanks to the Swiss Cooperation Office of the Embassy of Switzerland, the gallery team, Gunesh and everyone who supported and assisted in the project. Expectations to create in fabulous Bukhara were justified "

- Sanzhar Jabbarov, artist

Member of BF Art-Residence


“Thank you very much for organizing such an incredible project! It was a great honor for me to work with professionals! I learned a lot and had an unforgettable experience! I will be glad to participate and cover similar projects in the future! ”

- Nigina Khalmukhamedova, founder of the Exponaut project

Member of BF Art-Residence