“Identification of Central Asian Countries” is a series of interdisciplinary meetings for representatives of the cultural and creative sectors. The event, with the participation of leading institutional and independent curators, gallery owners, art managers and artists, will become an impetus for strengthening and developing cultural ties between artists and cultural experts with colleagues from other countries and regions of Central Asia.

An important part of the International Forum is Art Battle, the main theme of which will be "Identification of Central Asian Countries." The task of the organizers of the project is to bring together contemporary artists and curators from Central Asia who are able to think outside the framework of the generally accepted format. The art that claims to be the heir to the “deep genetic memory” is in discord with the very nature of contemporary art.

Foreign and local experts will present a series of presentations and scientific papers on the identification of countries. The issues under study will demonstrate new trends, forms and materials, more consistent with local changes, reflecting the mainstream in world art practice.

As part of the event, an Art Battle among young artists will be held. Artists will receive the necessary materials for creating paintings, where they will reflect their understanding / vision on the topic that will be asked immediately before the competition.

The aim of the Art Battle "Identification of Central Asian Countries" is to create a platform that will help participants uncover existing ties in the art communities of Central Asian countries, as well as provide an opportunity to improve interaction between them through discussions, exchange of experience and new collaborations .