Alexander Barkovsky


Born in Tashkent in 1979. In 1998 he graduated from the Art College named after. P.P. Benkova, department of book graphics.

2006. - "Constellation post scriptum" Exhibition of contemporary art of Uzbekistan, in

gallery NBU. (Supported by the Swiss Bureau for Culture and Cooperation in Uzbekistan.)


2007. - Participant of 10 video art festivals. Held at the Tashkent Film Museum.


2007. - Participant of the 4th Tashkent Biennale.


2007. - 1st place in the competition "You are an Artist", Moscow. Museum of Contemporary Art


2008. - 2nd place in the photography competition on the theme of "Ecology" held by the UN.


2008. - 2nd place in the UN Human Development Poster Contest.


2008. - Participant of the youth biennale “Stop! Who goes?" Moscow city. NCCA.


2008. - Member of the 7th. street festival of video art "POSTO", Moscow.


2008. - Participant of ESF'08 - Super Short Film Festival. Moscow city.


2009. - Participant of the Mars Field "COMMONWEALTH" project. Center for Contemporary Art "MARS", Moscow


2009. - Winner of the "Black and White Portraits" competition, in the genre of video art. Moscow, Moscow Museum of Modern Art. (


2009 - Finalist of the International Photography Competition "Europe and Asia: Dialogue of Cultures".

With the MADONNA series. (Yekaterinburg) Photographic Museum "Metenkov's House".


2009. - Participant of the project "WAVES" ensemble - "AMNIBUS", theater "ILKHOM".


2009 - Participant of the project "My love, my friends". Petrovka, 25, Moscow Museum

contemporary art.


2009. - Participant of the 3rd international festival of illustrations "Free Wi-Fi", curator

Andrey Bartenev. Moscow Museum of Modern Art.


2009. - Participant of the exhibition "Views" - the first project of the curatorial team


Art Council, Foundation Center for Contemporary Art, Ukraine, Kiev.

2009. - Participant of the STILLS project - Kazakhstan. Curators: Oksana Shatalova (Kazakhstan), Boris Chukhovich (Canada). www.

2009. - Participant of the Festival "INVIDEO" Italy, Milan. Curated by Sandra Lischi

2009 - Participant of the 5th Tashkent Biennale.

2009. - Participant of the project "Climate and Art" from the Goethe Institute in Uzbekistan.

2010. - Participant of the second Moscow Youth Biennale "Stop Who Goes". Curators:


Sergey Erkov and Daria Kamyshnikova. Project - "My Favorite Toys".


2010. - Participant of the first international youth exhibition of contemporary art

"ON OFF". (Kyrgyzstan. Bishkek city.)


2011. - Participant of the project "CROSSROADS" together with the ensemble - "AMNIBUS".

In the ART-Fact gallery. Tashkent.


2012. - Bronze medalist. Central Asian Festival of Independent Film "CAFIF".


2012. - Participant of the "Lazy Art" festival, curator Ulan Dzhaparov, Kyrgyzstan.


2012. - Gold medalist of the 6th Tashkent Photo Biennale with the project "MADONNA", in the framework of Art-Week, in the nomination "The best project of a young photographer".


2012. - Bronze medalist, REFORMAT festival. The project was organized by the TOLON MUSEUM Museum of Contemporary Art in partnership with

"Loft TSEKH" and Goethe-Institut Kazakhstan. HIVOS / OPEN SOCIETY.


2012. - Participant of the Azerbaijan Biennale. Curator Nigora Akhmedova,

within the project "Faces of Time"


2012. - Participant of the film festival "ARTDOKFEST", grand prix. Moscow.


2013. - Participant of the exhibition at the auction house Sotheby's (LONDON). With work from the series "Gypsy Madonnas".


2014. - Participant of Art Dubai.


2014. - Participant of the exhibition at the auction house Sotheby's (LONDON). With the work "Woman in Jilak"


2014. - First place in the competition held by the British Embassy in Uzbekistan. Art Competition 2014


2014. - Participant of the Tashkent Photo Biennale.