"Behind the eyes: Awareness of Being"

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On April 10, 2010 at 18.00 in the gallery a photo exhibition of graduates of the studio of photographic art "Behind the eyes: Awareness of being" opens.


The exhibition is attended by 27 young photographers who presented about 50 photographs. During the training, the studio teachers A. Borisov and A. Raevsky taught the students to comprehend not only the technical capabilities of the camera, but also various photographic techniques, which, as a result, helped them to move from documentary to artistic photography, which will be demonstrated by the photo exhibition “Behind the eyes: Awareness of Being ".

In the history of art, the meaning of a work of art had to move from a simple decorative function to a more intellectual task. Rather than decorating the walls of churches or private houses, painting claimed to be a medium of information.

In the early 20th century, more and more artists became interested in an art form that ignored classical aesthetics. Year after year, they created a code of symbols and forms that expressed the amazement of the people at the growth of technology more than the natural sources and forms they studied. Time passes, artists become followers of ideological and social changes, instead of decorating the houses of wealthy people. By the end of the 20th century, art is becoming conceptual. As a new type of allegory, art uses images, symbols and forms taken from a social context to express a new message in a formula. Now art offers a new vision of our visual world and a new form of writing and telling about it.

Photography follows the development of art. In contemporary art, there is no difference between painting and photography. Both are images and, in the end, this is what society comes to see.

The aim of the exhibition "Behind the Eyes: Awareness of Being" is to encourage students to work with their imaginations, not just their eyes.

In a world dominated by images, we see photography on news or announcements. But in both cases, the image is superficial without trying to convey the obvious, which in any case is the theme of the picture.

In every form, appearance, every movement or event, an idea is hidden. The photographer has to discover all these different concepts and then rearrange them in order within frames to convey his own world.


"Nature exists with or without us"

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On June 5, 2010 at 6 pm, the gallery opens a photo exhibition of graduates of the studio of photographic art entitled "Nature exists with us or without us", which is held within the framework of the World Environment Day.


There is an opinion that people destroy everything they touch. And this is to some extent true, because we constantly observe and feel the consequences of disasters as a result of the destructive impact of our civilization on the environment. This is, for example, an oil spill into the seas and oceans, the release of radioactive elements into the atmosphere, the accumulation of plastic waste, ozone holes, unprecedented deforestation, etc. But these are just some of them. On the other hand, science in our world is developing and hopes for solving particularly acute problems associated with environmental pollution. However, we clearly feel how the violation of the natural laws of nature by a boomerang returns to us in the form of global catastrophes and cataclysms.

It is difficult to dispute the fact that in the old, traditional society, people lived in harmony with nature. Sunlight, climate, seasons played an important role in the professions and in the life of people of that time. Thus, they had a deep understanding of the natural minimum and easily adapted. Technology has changed the natural essence of nature and disconnected people from it. People have lost the sense that there is a natural metabolism of natural substances and eventually began to abuse it. Rigid exploitation and overuse of natural resources, as well as complete disregard for the laws of nature have led to what we call "environmental degradation."

One of the main aspects of photographers is exploring, observing nature, and how people interact with it. Over time, the attitude of artists to nature has changed. In the post-Renaissance period, beginning in the 19th century, nature inspired artists emotionally and psychologically. Landscape is becoming a favorite theme for many of them. They created creative compositions with huge trees and dark northern forests. In the XX century. art became more urbanized and artists forgot about the essence of nature for a while. This was repeated in the 80s, which was the global reason for the creation of the movement for the safety and purity of the environment. This has become a pressing problem for world art. Eco-art is one of the many art movements used by nature to artistic expression of emotions and thoughts. Macro photography has also provided some very beautiful and unusual approaches to nature, inviting people to see things that they don't see in everyday life.

The exhibition presents the diploma works of students of the school-studio of photographic art at "Art + Fact", which shows the relationship between man and nature. But some of the photographs do not reflect the name of the subject. We can see signs of nature even in most urban photographs with their industrial architectural compositions. So in the work of Ravshan Abbasov we can see this in the form of a spiral and cylindrical structures, which is associated with a huge tree in the recently shown film "Avatar". In another work by the same photographer, we see an illusory, but virtual seascape through the prism of a glass goblet (apparently from under the wine), which creates an amazing allusion to the illusion created by alcohol, and indicates the approach of modern people to nature through drinking. A very unusual point of view in a series of works by Alexander Azarov, where nature and everyday life merge in a light haze. Easter eggs remind us of archaic symbols together with romantic skies and dramatic shadows, which results in a very interesting artistic composition. Irina Tyutereva delves into the topic of taboo for women around the world. A bride in a beautiful wedding dress runs and finds herself trapped between the bare branches of a wild tree.

In total, the exhibition features about 60 works by 15 authors who have completed a full course of training, both general photography, and have received advanced training of the second degree.



"Diploma exhibition -3"

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On September 25, at 18:00, the final exhibition of works by photographers who studied for three months in our school-studio of photographic art opens. The exhibition is dedicated to the “Year of the Harmoniously Advanced Generation”.


It exhibits about 50 of the best photographs taken by students of this edition of the photo school. Many of the photographs presented were taken in accordance with special educational programs, but the creative approach allowed the authors not only to master the special techniques of professional photographers, but also to create photographs that deserve attention as independent works of photographic art.


During the entire period of study under the clear guidance of three teachers: Borisov Alexander, Kim Pavel and Shishov Alexander, the students persistently comprehend the secrets of the craft and now demonstrate their achievements in various genres of photography.


As you know, from the moment of photography to the present day, one of the main genres is still a psychological portrait. To tell the truth, there are quite a lot of portraits at the exhibition. However, the most successful psychological portraits are those of the studio who took pictures of children.


Many graduates presented their work in different genres, demonstrating the ability to create not only portrait, but, for example, landscape shots, although they are still a minority.


We can say with absolute certainty that all the works presented at the exhibition vividly demonstrate a creative search based on the knowledge gained in our studio school.


Of course, among the photographs of graduates, although they are technically competently executed, they are essentially imitative, reminiscent of the products of advertising glamorous magazines and various fashionable television topics, but the main part of the exposition clearly shows that the authors did not waste their time studying and undoubtedly deserve the right to be called masters photographic art.


The ability to choose the most necessary and characteristic moment for a picture, ways of correctly constructing a frame, taking into account various trifles and details, correlating real illumination and the capabilities of the photographic technique used - these and many other secrets of mastery are already demonstrated in their works by students of the photography studio school.



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On December 11, 2010 at 5 pm, a photo exhibition of graduates of the studio of photographic art called "9/51" opens in the gallery. The exhibition will feature a total of about 50 works by young novice authors who have been trained in our photography school for three months.


The studio school of photographic art at the Art and Fact gallery sums up the results of the current year and presents the last exhibition of students of 2010, called "9/51".


Great changes have taken place since the foundation of the photography school. Step by step, we can observe that photographers have begun to turn to photography in a different way, they want to learn how to create photo art, they want to touch art. The teacher's serious and competent approach to teaching gives us the opportunity to make a professional photo exhibition, despite the fact that all the work was done by novice photographers while still studying. Turning to the basics of painting and composition, as well as to the history of photography, allows you to adopt someone else's experience through someone else's lens and acquire your own style. In the meantime, modern technology and computer skills were widely used by photographers.


Thanks to the organization of current events, Tashkent again returns to the photographic channel in which it was in the 20s, 30s and 60s, 70s of the last century. It should be noted that today, both amateurs and professional photographers are mainly interested in glamorous, staged, portrait photography, through which they express their own rich inner world. For example, this is clearly expressed in the works of Dmitry Stadnik (where the author clearly shows a conceptual photograph), and one can also note the work of Madina Skomorokhova, who demonstrates an excellent play of light and shadow, and her beautiful staged portrait photographs cannot be ignored. It is necessary to highlight the works of Artem Konyaev, where the author harmoniously combines the foundations of painting and computer processing. In any case, you can see for yourself, our dear visitors, by visiting our gallery during the next 2 weeks until December 25th. We will be glad to see everyone, admission to the exhibition is free.

Female gaze

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On March 26, at 18:00, the opening ceremony of the exhibition of graduates of the studio of photographic art will take place in the exhibition hall of the gallery. The photo exhibition was named "Women's Look", which, in its essence, is very symbolic, because it so happened that under the leadership of our teacher - Kim Pavel, a group was formed entirely consisting of the beautiful half of humanity - lovely girls.


As you know, there is a photography school at the Art and Fact gallery. Classes in it are held for three months, where everyone can comprehend the basics of mastery of photography by studying the general basic course of photography, and after that, as a rule, a final, so to speak, reporting exhibition of graduates is organized without fail - it is held as a thesis, for which the best photographs of students are selected, captured during the course of the course. At the opening of the photo exhibition, young photographers are solemnly awarded with certificates.


A total of about 50 works by graduates will be presented at the exhibition "Women's View". Each of them attracts in its own way, each has its own worldview, which the author of the photograph seeks to show.


For example, the works of Anna Tyschenko very specifically reveal the genre of reportage, where portraits of people are shown very productively, emphasizing in the smallest details the light facial muscles of the face, thus demonstrating the character of the photographed person, because we cannot recognize his qualities from a photograph, but only look to his appearance, but Anna, through the camera lens, very sensitively conveys his emotions and mood, shows his real character.


Victoria Abdurakhimova successfully applies the skills of the computer program Photoshop, acquired during the course she has attended, thanks to the processing of which female models suddenly turn into playing cards.


In addition to staging works, Daria Plotnik also presents a photograph of a lion, smoothly preparing for its jump.


Regina Park, Yun Yuzhong and Alexandra Pan perfectly reveal the theme of couples in love, their romantic relationship.


And Irina Zvereva and Alexandra Khabibulina vividly demonstrate foreign countries to the viewer, showing with interest the experiences and admiration of their travels, which were reflected in their photographs.


However, everyone who wants to visit the exhibition "Women's View" can be convinced of all this. The exhibition will be open during the week. Free admission.