Pop Art. Isolation 2020

“S-ID. 41'69 "

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"Bonum Factum" gallery


Swiss Cooperation office, Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan

«Wondernet Express» LLC

Information partners:

«Afisha Media» LLC




Eldos Fazylbekov, Sardor Erkinov, Amalia Aibusheva, Avazbek Abduraimov, Daniil Lashmanov, Zilola Abdruzakova, Mohira Mullyadjanova, Ellada Okafor, Rustam Zahidov, Muhiddin Riskiev, Seviliya Akramova



City: Shaykhantakhur district, Zarkainar St., reference point - Uzbek Milliy Kiyimlar Gallery; Yakkasaray district, Shota Rustaveli St. (before reaching the "Ocean" store); A. Navoi Ave., reference point - Avtotest; Mirabad district, Attaturka St., opposite to the Russian Drama State Academic Theater, former "Demir"; Yashnabad district, intersection of Mirzo-Ulugbek Ave. and Botkin St.; Shaykhantakhur district, intersection of Abay St. and A. Navoi St. (landmark - Tashkent City); Yakkasaray district, Yusuf Khos Khojib St. (landmark - The Ministry of Internal Affairs, before reaching the Korzinka supermarket on Turkmen).

Metro: Chilanzar metro line track walls of the Tashkent metro ("Buyuk Ipak Yuli", "Pushkin", "Amir Temur", "Khalklar Dustligi", "Milliy Bog", "Novza", "Mirzo Ulugbek", "Chilanzar", " Olmazar " stations). LED screen at the "Alisher Navoi" metro station.

«Compass Mall» shopping and entertainment center

Busses: 8,38,45,80

On November the 1st, 2020, with the support of the Swiss Cooperation Office of the Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan and the "Wondernet Express" LLC, Bonum Factum gallery opens an interactive billboard pop - art exhibition titled "Isolation-2020" in the city space, within the framework of the "Self-identification. 41 * 69 " project. This exhibition will be available for viewing in the city and at www.pop-art.uz

The exhibition features works by young creative artists of Uzbekistan, who will present their views on the events related to quarantine and isolation.

The exhibition in the city will last exactly for one month, until December the 1st, 2020, but it will be available for viewing online at all times.

The history of the emergence of pop-art is in the post-war years of 1950-60s. It was at those times that the so-called "consumer society" took shape. During that period, vast masses of people in the Western countries forgot all about cold and hunger, disease and fears of war. People felt freedom in choosing food and clothing, equipment and furnishings; they could now spend money on recreation and entertainment.

Pop Art refers - ... "in general, to all those cool modern things that the abstract art so zealously did not want to notice", as the "king of pop art" Andy Warhol said.

The new era and 2020 now are the time of change and reflection. The time when people of the planet are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, feel a number of restrictions, are unable to leave their own boundaries of being, and are losing loved ones.

The world froze, and everything that now happens in life are a house,  a street, Internet and a supermarket ...

“You need to adapt to COVID-19, keep your distance and ... wear a mask, gloves and wash your hands”…. - is all that the media industry and social advertising have been talking about lately.

We believe everything that the city's screaming billboards tell us about. A person in isolation receives information about the life of the city only through the media and the Internet: he or she orders household and clothing items following the advertisement hints, for it is convenient and online stores are teeming with various inviting offers.

In the 21st century, advertising has become truly massive - due to the emergence of new and improved means of creating and distributing advertising: multicolor printing, radio and television broadcasting and the Internet.

It is during this period, when people live remotely and in restricted ways that artists will present their works on billboards and other city structures, using them not for their intended purpose which became - for advertising, but for an open dialogue between the artist and the viewer.

Not only the artists will be participating in the project, but also the audience; the gallery will be holding a quest, the winners of which will be presented with exclusive merchandize.

(You can find out more about the quest on our Instagram page and on the website)




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